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MC Center wants to thank Zohra Noorani


On January 8th, sisters only Milad an-Nabi (sall Allahu alayhi wasalam) took place at the Waterford Event Center in Springfield, Virginia. The female only event was led by the talented naa't singer Zohra Noorani. Zohra Noorani, graciously supported Mustafa Center to pass out 400 Funeral Chapel Informational pamphlets to the attendees. Mustafa Center wants to thank her for her generosity. We also want to thank her for inviting Mustafa Center to a beautiful program that was not only entertaining but an inspiration for Muslim women.

Published On
January 12, 2017
January 8, 2017
2:00 pm

Waterford at Springfield

6715 Commerce St.
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Kabul TV US Interviews MC Staff About The Funeral Chapel

On March 28, 1017 Kabul TV US aired a live program about the MC Funeral Chapel. Mustafa Center wants to thank Kabul TV US, Hashim Abbasi, and Ebrahim Sabiri for taking their time to interview President Eqbal Husseini, Engineer Sohaila Shekib, and Imam Qari Wali about the building of the state of the art Funeral Chapel which will be at service for the entire Northern Virginia Islamic Community. The program was an hour long in length. This was an amazing opportunity in which the building of the Funeral Chapel was discussed in length. We are full of gratitude for their kindness and service to them for assisting us in this noble cause.
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First Knowledge Circle Program Begins

On Friday January 27, 2017, Mustafa Center began the first in a series of Knowledge Circles. These gatherings are intended for spreading useful knowledge that we can apply in our daily lives to bring us closer to our Creator. Another purpose of this gathering is to bring the local community to come together for a common goal and increase the unity of brotherhood in our hearts.
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Media Coverage of Funeral Chapel Information Session.

Mustafa Center is deeply grateful for the presence of two media outlets on January 14, 2017 during the Funeral Chapel Information Program.
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