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MC Funeral Chapel Islamic Community Informational Program


On January 14, 2017, the Mustafa Center held an information session about the Funeral Chapel Project in the evening. The event was livestreamed so that they community would also be able to view the program. Many leaders from the Muslims community were on hand to learn about this special project. The Master of Ceremonies for the evening was Weis Sherdel. He did an excellent job introducing the various speakers. Qari Safiullah started the evening with clear and beautiful recitation of the Qur'an. President Eqbal Husseini thanked all of the guests for attending. Dr. Anwar Hajjaj was the keynote speaker, and did a wonderful job speaking about the importance of supporting this very important project which will serve the entire Islamic community and ease the problems that Muslims face when preparing a deceased for burial. Sister Sohaila Shekib is the engineer behind the funeral chapel. She delivered a beautiful and organized Power Point presentation. Her speech was very dynamic and illustrated the goals of the MC Funeral Chapel Project. After Isha prayer, the program continued with a powerful speech by Br. Daoud Nassimi, who reminded everyone that death was going to come to all of us, and that we should think seriously about it, and how to prepare for it. The Chair of the Fundraising Committee, Abdul Fitrat, spoke in length about the importance of charity and how it is a source of blessings for one's life. Qari Wali made a special du'a to end the program and the guests proceeded to the lower level to enjoy a delicious Afghan meal.

Published On
January 17, 2017

Mustafa Center

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Kabul TV US Interviews MC Staff About The Funeral Chapel

On March 28, 1017 Kabul TV US aired a live program about the MC Funeral Chapel. Mustafa Center wants to thank Kabul TV US, Hashim Abbasi, and Ebrahim Sabiri for taking their time to interview President Eqbal Husseini, Engineer Sohaila Shekib, and Imam Qari Wali about the building of the state of the art Funeral Chapel which will be at service for the entire Northern Virginia Islamic Community. The program was an hour long in length. This was an amazing opportunity in which the building of the Funeral Chapel was discussed in length. We are full of gratitude for their kindness and service to them for assisting us in this noble cause.
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First Knowledge Circle Program Begins

On Friday January 27, 2017, Mustafa Center began the first in a series of Knowledge Circles. These gatherings are intended for spreading useful knowledge that we can apply in our daily lives to bring us closer to our Creator. Another purpose of this gathering is to bring the local community to come together for a common goal and increase the unity of brotherhood in our hearts.
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Media Coverage of Funeral Chapel Information Session.

Mustafa Center is deeply grateful for the presence of two media outlets on January 14, 2017 during the Funeral Chapel Information Program.
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