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Marriage Procedures

1.The bride and the groom need to obtain the marriage license from the county or city court of their residence in person. You should tell them that you would like to get your marriage conducted in a religious ceremony (as opposed to a civil ceremony). You will be issued with a marriage certificate that is partially left blank to be filled by the imam.

2. Fill out the Mustafa Center Marriage Registration Form (you can pick it up in person from our office).

3. The bride and groom (or their authorized representatives) should agree on a specific (mahr) dowry.

4. The bride can be Muslim, Christian or Jewish. The groom must be Muslim. Islamic Law does not allow any exceptions.

5. If the marriage ceremony is held in the masjid it would cost
$150 per hour, and if the imams presence is requested than it will be
$200 per hour- these are the hall rental fees for marriage (nikah) events.

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If you need assistance with any of our services feel free to contact us via phone at  (703) 658-7134